End of Year 2023: 11 Web series and OTT films based on true stories

1Dec 2024

Two devastated parents deal with their children's deaths after the deadly Uphaar movie theater fire while fervently pursuing justice. 

The early years of India's independence, marked by political unrest, internal power struggles

Fearless railroad workers put their lives in danger to save others during a terrible disaster caused by a fatal gas leak from a Bhopal factory.

Transgender rights activist Gauri Sawant's life's turning points are shown in the series.

The sixteenth-century story revolves around Akbar and the rivalry for the throne among his three sons, Salim, Murad, and Daniyal. 

Elizabeth's apparently tranquil life is turned upside down by personal struggles as well as governmental issues following the king's untimely death.

Born in Khanapur, Karnataka, Telgi went on to become the mastermind behind one of the most ingenious conspiracies in Indian history

Medical personnel in Mumbai, including physicians, nurses, emergency responders, and other staff members, handle a massive crisis.