"My Demon" Episode 4 Synopsis & Resolution:  Is Gu Won Becoming attracted to Do Hee?

4 Dec 2023

This week's wedding between Do Hee and Gu Won was anticipated. How are these two acting?

When she is showing off to Gu Won the rest of the time, when he is not looking, why does Do Hee dislike him holding her hand? 

Edward Cullen's the moment temperature is probably the same as his.

 Furthermore, the fact that a little embarrassing that a two-hundred-year-old being did not learn

He might be overly impressed by Do Hee. My Demon Episode 4 can be summed up as follows.

To be honest, there was no reason for him to accept it. Do Hee might have exaggerated his willingness to commit to the tattoo.

She makes an effort to act "chill," but even without superpowers, it is obvious that she is far from it. 

Regarding the tranquilizer part, though, we concur with Do Hee. Unfortunately, unfortunately, the wrong individuals become aware of it.