Sam Bahadur Review: Don't miss seeing "Sam Bahadur" to learn about a valiant combat warrior.

1 Dec 2023

Sam is courageous! The movie starring Vicky Kaushal was released today under this title. 

Additionally, Sam Manekshaw, the nation's first Field Marshal, is the basis for the movie. 

Let's first discuss Sam Bahadur before learning about the movie. In a nutshell, he established Bangladesh

 Helped to fortify India, and worked closely with Indira Gandhi to help split East Pakistan from Pakistan.

As the army's top general, Sam Manekshaw made history by succeeding Indira Gandhi when she made a decisive decision on the political front. 

Before the war, he had written to Indira Gandhi on a pamphlet and told her when it would begin.

 He had displayed bravery on numerous times even prior to the 1971 battle. 

He commanded the nation to victory in numerous significant conflicts during his forty years of service