Spotify Wrapped 2023: K-pop artists Jungkook, Jimin, BLACKPINK, and BTS rule the charts

1Dec 2024

The eagerly expected Spotify Wrapped results for 2023 are finally available, with the year almost over. 

The artists who topped the charts this year were revealed by the massive music streaming company on Wednesday, November 29. 

 BTS member Jungkook trailed closely behind Taylor Swift as the Global Top Artist on the Wrapped list. 

With his most recent single Seven (ft. Latto) from his solo debut album GOLDEN, the 26-year-old South Korean singer-songwriter achieved a place on the list of Top 10 Songs Worldwide.

Numerous K-pop solo artists and groups topped numerous charts. The Most Streamed Girl Group of the Year award went to fan favorite BLACKPINK.

 In the meantime, BTS became the 2023 Most Streamed Group on Spotify. The members of the legendary K-pop group topped a number of charts. 

In South Korea, Jimin, a member of BTS, was the most streamed artist on Spotify. Particularly Jungkook enjoyed great success on the platform

Jungkook thanked his supporters, or ARMYS, on social media after his significant victory.