The K-pop duo BLACKPINK has extended their agreement with YG Entertainment.

6 Dec 2023

Following months of rumors and waiting, YG Entertainment formally declared that BLACKPINK's group contract with the company will be extended.

The revelation essentially breaks the seven-year curse that is frequently seen in South Korea

 South Korea as well as symbolizes the group's successful continuation into its eighth year.

While the collective contract of the group has been renewed, talks are still underway with members Rose, Jennie, Lisa, and Jisoo

 "We are pleased to confirm that our board of directors has signed exclusive group contracts for all four BLACKPINK members

Furthermore, they stated, "We will continue to give BLACKPINK unwavering support and faith in their actions

And they will continue to do their best to shine brighter in the world music market as an artist representing K-POP."

According to the release, the members renewed their contract in December after it expired in August.