The top tech presents under $50 to think about in 2023


For the individual in your life who frequently misplaces their possessions, an AirTag is a kind and practical gift. 

 For both iOS and Android users, the Tile Pro is a wonderful present. It assists you in finding misplaced objects and essentially works in the same way as an AirTag. 

There's an eight-hour playback time on these wireless earbuds, and the charging case extends it to twenty-four.

Anybody's home would look amazing with these LED strip lights adding some color.

Anyone who doesn't already have a wireless charger stand should definitely get one. 

For the individual in your life who hasn't embraced the world of smart home technology, this smart hub is the ideal present.

All hand sizes can comfortably operate this wireless mouse because of its well-fitting design.

An excellent fitness tracker doesn't have to cost hundreds of dollars as a gift.