Sites Like Fingerhut: 14 Best Alternatives in 2023

If you’re looking for sites like Fingerhut, several online shopping websites offer similar products and services. Fingerhut is a popular e-commerce platform that allows users to buy products on credit and pay for them over time.

However, there are many other websites like Fingerhut that provide flexible payment options, a wide range of products, and affordable prices. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best Fingerhut alternatives, so you can find the perfect shopping destination for your needs.

Top 14 Sites Like Fingerhut

If you find the “buy now, pay later” payment plans and credit options provided by these 14 websites enticing but want to explore more choices before committing to one, you can compare them with sites similar to Fingerhut.

1. The Shopping Channel

The Shopping Channel may be well known to you. This website is identical to almost everything on it, and you may buy anything from here. This implies that a greater emphasis will be placed on clothing, jewelry, and electronics. If you want to indulge yourself and buy a special gift but also need additional money to pay the full price of a large purchase, have a look at The Shopping Channel’s credit system, which operates similarly to Fingerhut.

2. FlexShopper

Another variant on web stores, “buy now, pay later”, FlexShopper provides a concept. To use this website, you must first apply. Once you are accepted, however, you will be given a spending limit to work with. You would be able to pick from more than 85,000 items with just that budget cap.

You can make weekly payments instead of monthly ones to pay off your investment whenever you complete your purchases. These payments will be distributed over a year, so if you can finish the repayment process in that time, you will be entitled to ownership of the item.

3. Ginny’s

Ginny’s, among the few sites here on the list, has a special credit account that you can utilize. On this website, you must first add the items you want to buy to your trolley. After which, as you proceed through the checkout process, you should open a credit account. Ginny’s provides a wide range of goods, including furniture, housewares, bed and bath items, and some unique presents and toys for loved ones.

4. Zebit

Zebit is a different website that enables you to use a credit account without being concerned about interest rates. While registering with Zebit, you won’t have to worry about your credit score because it is optional. You only need to apply as well as wait for permission to begin using Zebit. Zebit specializes in offering products for the kitchen, home, or electronics. It also sells some clothing.

5. Ashro

Ashro specializes in apparel and fashion for men and women, comparable to Midnight Velvet. You may understand that Ashro has everything you require if you want to stock up on fashionable gowns or buy some religious apparel. In reality, in addition to their clothing, Ashro offers various wigs.

6. Monroe & Main

Monroe & Main is another site that offers a large range of apparel goods if you’re looking for the best “buy now, pay later” online to choose from. Naturally, when you’ve filled your trolley with products you absolutely can not wait to wear as soon as they arrive at your house, this website also enables you can form an account.

You may quickly pay off the cost of your goods because monthly payments could be as little as $20. Although Monroe & Main has a large selection of clothing, you can also browse their accessories, including handbags.

7. The Swiss Colony

Most such “buy now, pay later” websites are concerned with household necessities, home furnishings, apparel, and appliances. The Swiss Colony, though, is not like other places. Rather, The Swiss Colony provides meals with their credit line for you all to choose from. Like a lot of different websites, you only need to provide this when making a purchase and checking out.

8. Overstock

One of the biggest websites for electronics, home products, and furniture that you can peruse is Overstock, regardless of whether or not you’re looking for a place that can give you specialized credit.

You can accept Overstock’s credit terms by selecting the “charge me later” option during the checkout process. As one of the finest locations to find affordable furniture, Overstock should be one of your first destinations if you’re looking to furnish your home.

9. Zzounds

On Zzounds, you may buy almost every audio or musical instrument you require. You may discover anything you require for your music and audio interests, from guitar or bass to drums and DJ equipment to computer audio and recording. You must apply for a four-payment credit line on a set schedule.

10. QVC

Compared to most other websites on this list, QVC is unique. After all, this website allows you to obtain a real credit card that you may use in various situations. You could use a card in nearly every shop which accepts this type of card, along with some well-known websites, in addition to using it on their website to take advantage of some great deals on one’s products.

It is worthwhile to apply for the reason that it allows you choice in terms of what you can purchase. A large variety of products are also available on the QVC website, ranging from shoes to electronics, furniture, and cosmetics.

11. Lend you

Lend you is simply a website for lending and borrowing money. It is fairly simple to infer that by looking at the name. The website primarily focuses on money lending, as the name suggests.

Compared to other sites mentioned thus far, the site is unique. LendYou is a brokerage platform that links you with financial institutions offering ready loads under specific terms and conditions. Also, the website will connect you with a variety of partner merchants.

12. Seventh Avenue

Similar to sites like Fingerhut, Seventh Avenue is a website accessible only to Americans. You can only utilize the services offered by this website if you are a citizen of the United States.

This website offers a variety of exclusive goods that are unavailable on any other website. After you apply for credit, it is authorized within 24 hours. Your monthly purchase limit under the basic plan is $200, which may be paid in $20 monthly installments. The most expensive package has a $2400 purchasing cap that can be paid for monthly installments at $80.

13. Country Door

A very well-known buy now, pay later website is Country Door. That can be seen as the primary cause of the success of websites that let users buy now and pay later.

You may choose from a wide range of things on Country Door, and thanks to the fantastic credit plan offered by the company, you can afford it. Requests from the catalog can also be made independently. It is among the top substitutes for Fingerhut.

14. Gettington

Another website that lets you buy almost anything you would need for your home and daily life and also provides a “buy now, pay later” option is Gettington. Instead of displaying one of the lowest monthly payments possible, Gettington displays the potential cost for a certain expenditure.


Without a doubt, among the top websites for “buy now, pay later” is Fingerhut. Yet, occasionally you might not locate a specific product there, or you could wish to explore other similar websites. You can consider these sites like Fingerhut in this situation. In this post, we discussed the 14 top Fingerhut alternatives. You can choose one based on your demands and conduct your shopping for the one you prefer the most.

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